Connection Lost among top 3 in Prix Europa

Outi Hartikainen directs Raimo Grönberg while cameraman Hannu
Koivuranta checks the composition (Photo: Eero Alava)

The Languages Through Lenses 2010 -competition is over.

Languages Through Lenses is one of Prix Europa's film competitions. Last spring the international jury chose 15 best scripts among 100 competitors from over 18 EU countries. The chosen fifteen got a 5,000€ grant each to produce a short film from the script. The underlying theme of the competition scripts was to motivate people to learn languages and get people interested in learning more about other cultures.

"Connection Lost", a script by TAMK's very own Hannu Koivuranta and Outi Hartikainen, was among the chosen and was filmed last summer.

After all the 15 films were finished, three of them were chosen as finalists. In addition to "Connection Lost", the top three consisted of "The Forest of Babel" by Aalto university and "Langbeat" by Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design.

The 1st place went to The "Forest of Babel". Getting to final three from among 100 film schools is still a huge achievement, so the blog would like to join in congratulations for the production team.

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