Score Game Night

Story: Emma Kiiski
It was a dark and gloomy evening. Only a few people were walking in the rain, heading to the secret meeting place … which was filled with games, food, drinks, people and LOTS OF FUN!

TAMK’s own pride, the Game Club Score, organized once again a gaming night for club members and some friends at Demola. This time everything was a bit different since the Score had taken contact with the TAMK main campus and their game club. So now both of the campuses are going to join their forces together! Who knows what awesome things we can do with more people!

During the evening there were games to play and three challenges: you had to make a high score in three selected games. There were three winners and they got an awesome price: A POKÉBALL! While playing you could make new contacts with people from other campus and talk about Score, games or whatever you wished.

There was a competition where you had to design a t-shirt for Score. If you are still interested to take part in the competition and are a member, you have 2 weeks time to design and send the idea to Score. We members have a possibility to make Score look like we want it to look like!

More fun is coming up! Score is about to organize more regular meetings to the members. Also the web pages should be updated soon. Stay tuned!

The author is a student of IMP, our international degree programme in Media
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