EUROPRIX: IMPs learning from the best

Yesterday was the most important day of the festival. The 23 EUROPRIX Award nominee teams presented their projects and how they did them. On the photo Klaus Hammerum Gregersen and Troels Johnsen, Press Play, Denmark, introduce "Max & the Magic Marker" which was one of my favourites and the winner of the Games category.


During the breaks our IMP-students got familiar with Graz tourist attractions and socialized in the fancy lobby of hotel Daniel. Here Tero Koskela, Anayte Delahay and Mikael Korpela preparing for the take off to EUROPRIX gala.

Five minutes before the opening of the gala. The nominees have their own area in the Dom in Berg, a huge cave in the mountain in Graz city centre. Who will be category winners, who will win the Grand Prix?

The TAMK Degree Programme in Media students (the IMPs) at the gala. Will we see some of them sitting among the nominees one of the next few years?

The overall winner: Whispering Table by the GreenEyl
On stage from left to right: Adam Mondanton, the Master of Ceremony, Dominik Schumacher, the EUROPRIX 2010 overall winner, Beatrix Karl, the Austrian Minister of Education and Peter A. Bruck, head of EUROPRIX.

Eevi Korhonen was the exemplary networker of the TAMK delegation. She was all the the time everywhere. Here she demonstrates the EUROPRIX tie, developed at the gala, to the Head of EUROPRIX Peter A. Bruck.

Today it is another lovely summer day in Graz. In the evening we head for wintry Tampere again.

IMPs are students of our international Degree Programme in Media
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