IMP on tour: EUROPRIX Multimedia Festival

Yesterday 19 09IMPs and one programme leader came to Graz, Austria, to participate in the EUROPRIX Multimedia festival

Paul Pivec from our Partner FH Joanneum (second from left on the photo) took us to the old city centre to have a traditional Austrian dinner.

Today we make a tour at FH Joanneum, take part in the Academic Network Conference and the opening of the festival in the evening. You will soon hear more.

Photo: The group in the lobby of lifestyle hotel Daniel, where we are accommodated. Daniel is a design hotel, and everything is not made and arranged according to normal hotel standards. The design and functions of the rooms triggered vivid discussions. Many references were made to the User Experience course that has been running this autumn.

Cai Melakoski

IMPs are students of our international Degree Programme in Media
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