Who owns the space in our city?

We will own it on Friday 5.11.2010 when 27 students will be walking around Tampere centre wearing bullet boards.

Come and write your message, glue you stickers, tag your posters or just to leave you own print.

We are the first year fine art students of TAMK and we want to emphasise a question: Where is the street forum, which lives and develops in an interactive relationship with us, the citizens?

Until now, only temporary plywood of construction sites have granted free space for street artists, poets and event planners, and in time all these walls were torn down. We want something long lasting!

12:00 TAMK Finlayson Campus entrance and cafe
12:30 TAMK (Tampere University of Applied Sciences) Main Campus
13:00 University of Tampere
14:00 Railway station
16:00 Central Market Square Keskustori

You can also see us walking around the city!

We are offering you a chance to make this point heard, so you are warmly welcome. Not just you, but also your friends and their friends, so spread the word!

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