The Board Game Workshop – UHKA

Enthusiastic gamers planning their next step
Story: Emma Kiiski
Once again our beloved game club Score gave us enthusiastic students an interesting chance to meet game developers. This time the main topic was board game development and one particular game, UHKA (Threat). Special thanks to Eevi Korhonen who organized the cool event!

At first the two creators of the game, Mikko Erjo and Mikko Oinonen, told briefly the history of the game’s development. It was interesting to hear about all these changes and testing of the game for example in RoPecon and Tracon during the years. They also gave good tips for game developing. To be honest, I actually got interested into creating an own game just for fun!

We also got an opportunity to try out the game. UHKA is still in the demo version; some details in the mechanics have and will be changed. The goal of the game is to play with 6 human space rangers (all having a special skill) and accomplish the given mission without getting killed by aliens. The creators emphasized on the feeling of the game play; the threatening atmosphere with the fact that no one knows when and where from an alien will jump at you next.

The first round was practicing. We played with 7 people (6 played the humans while one took care of killing others with the aliens, called xenoids.) The humans died soon because the strategy was missing. The second round made the game much more interesting now that we had learned the logic a bit. Now we could almost accomplish our mission and prevent from getting killed by xenoids.

We had so much fun playing the game that I personally would like to play UHKA again as soon as possible.  All the ironic happenings during the game were really amusing (like the place you could gain more health turning into slaughter house.) Let’s hope that the creators are able to publish UHKA in the near future!

In the photo:  Enthusiastic gamers planning their next step.

Photo: Mikko Erjo, UHKA-Team