Night of Communal Animation in Gallery Rajatila on Friday

Rakennetun ajan esitys
Gallery Rajatila

Hämeenpuisto 10

Two communal animation projects are presented in Gallery Rajatila on Friday night: stop motion project Family Act by Laura Rytkönen and drawn animation event Neutraalipiste by Heidi Saramäki. Both works welcome audience participation.

The night is a part of series of art events called MediaPyhät, organized with the support of Pirkanmaan taidetoimikunta.

Laura Rytkönen
Family Act – communal stop motion project

A puppet family will slowly create a scene of a family life in the gallery. During Friday night the audience may affect the puppets actions. The audience becomes a part of the animation in a concrete way, as the camera shooting the animation captures the gallery space as a background for the images. As the story develops, the animation is projected on screen throughout the night.

Family Act is a communal stop motion project that studies issues of family, community and animation as an art form. Family Act consists of animation performances and independent video works shot during the performances. The animation puppets are caricatures of artist’s own family.

(If you wish to sneak a peek Family Act will start shooting on Thursday evening from 8-12pm in Rajatila.)

Teaser of a previous Family Act

Laura Rytkönen studies Fine Arts in Tampere University of Applied Sciences. Family Act – communal stop motion project has previously exhibited in Ikuinen Gallery.

Laura Rytkönen projects on this blog

Heidi Saramäki
Neutraalipiste (= neutral point)
Drawn animation (as an) event

Neutral point connects dualistic oppositions; good and evil, fear and hope, ugly and beautiful are connected at one point, creating new interpretations.

For three hours the audience may participate in making of drawn animations in MediaPyhät event in Gallery Rajatila. Those participating may draw an animation, that one way or other deals with the theme of neutral point. The drawings are scanned and projected on screen as a loop video in the gallery. During the process the neutral point grows, varies, and changes by the effect of participators.

Heidi Saramäki is making her Masters Degree in Finnish Academy of Fine Arts. Her communal animation works have previously exhibited in Kunsthalle Helsinki and exhibition space Lasiboksi.

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