The IslandCQ experience in Ameland

Story: Sabrina Seidl
45 students, 9 workshops, some tutors and organizers and an idyllic island in the North Sea were the main ingredient for the Island Creative Quarantine, an international and interactive meeting at Ameland.

According to the keywords play, sustainability, innovation and interaction we were working on nine different workshops with people from Hungary, Latvia, the Netherlands and of course Finland.

The week was filled with hard work, gaining new knowledge through participating at different workshops and lectures held by professionals, exploring the island and not to forget, getting to know the other students and handing out together after the busy working days.

Though we were all working a lot on the workshops to get our projects done on time, we also had time to enjoy the amazingly beautiful landscape of the island and to socialize with others.

Adri Schokker, the key-figure of the whole event, was leading us helping us with the entire arranged beforehand likewise he was available anytime on site all week long for us.
Special thanks to Satu Leskinen, she was the one making the trip happen - informing us, keeping us updated and leading us safe to the Island and back again.

The workshop were a success, the organizers were satisfied with our projects and the local people responded very positive to our work.

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Sabrina Seidl is a student of our international media programme
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