Family Portrait short film at Kettupäivät Film festival

Story: Nalle Mielonen
The next opportunity to see the short film Family Portrait is at Kettupäivät Film Festival at Helsinki. Family Portrait, directed by Minna Korhonen and written and cinematographed by Nalle Mielonen, is one of the 3-minute short films made by the class of 2007.

Last spring the main crew of Family Portrait represented the film in the university of Vic at their DoubleClick festival and in the summer the film competed in the Nordic section of Nordic Youth Film Festival in Norway. In Finland the film has been shown for instance at Tampere Film Festival and Reikäreuna festival.

Family Portrait is a story about hidden problems, which can tear a family apart. An ordinary dinner turns nasty, when the food starts to react to the fathers excessive drinking. The film is part live-action, part stop-motion animation. Scenes with actors were shot on 16 mm film and the animations with digital system camera. The animator, Niina Mielonen, came all the way from Wales, where she studies animation.

Family Portrait screens at Kettupäivät on 18.11.2010, 3.00 pm. It is part of the student competition section titled ”Family idylls”. Kettupäivät festival is held at Culture complex Andorra, Helsinki, 17.-20.11.2010

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