"What I'm Meant To Be" - A brand new music video produced by TAMK students

Usually I would save this to the end of the post. But before I begin, I want to dedicate special thanks to the amazing staff of Vepsäläinen Tampere and to Bo Concept Finland’s management. You are so awesome!

From the music video

All Will Be Quiet is a Finnish indie band based in Helsinki. About a few month ago, a collaboration of Media and Film students from TAMK has been asked by the bandleader and guitarist, Kane Kaspar Heinonen, to come up with an amazing idea for a music video for their upcoming single “What I’m Meant To Be”.

After few weeks of brainstorming and pre-production, two intensive days of shooting and long days and nights at the editing room, we are proud to present our final result.

Director: Juho Fossi // Producer: Yonatan Wolowelsky // Cinematographer: Jesse Jalonen // Concept Designer: Jungsoo Moon // Gaffer: Lauri Harju // Editor: Riku Leino // Post-production artists: Yonatan Wolowelsky, Jungsoo Moon // Assistant director: Laura Heikkilä // Lighting technician: Topi Tirri // 1. Assistant camera: Sanni Hujanen // Grip: Henri Jaaksola.
Many thanks: Vepsäläinen, Bo Concept.