Cinema4D workshop

by Sabrina Seidl 

3D programs are like high heels, you think you can't handle them until you find the perfect one. 

I've never been fond of 3D programs or better said creating 3D models. I knew that 3D would certainly accompany me in the future and be a inevitable requirement for becoming pro in my profession, however I just couldn't get my head around it. I tried several softwares, but with the first one, I barely could create a cupboard. This put me down a bit and I though that 3D is just not my thing. But giving up is not my way, so I tried another one. Maybe I shouldn't have tried Maya as second option… It was great for basic things, but the learning curve was just too steep. However I worked on it while at the same time studying 3ds Max. Bad idea to study two 3D softwares at the same time? You bet! Shotcuts are different, naming of commands are different and well, studying two at the same time is hard. Compare it to studying french and spanish at the same time. Been there as well, done that. Nevertheless, I liked working with 3ds max a lot and even created some animations with it. Here my 3ds max model 

animation in 3ds max

This motivated me to try one more, the 4th one in the row. Cinema 4D - a true pleasure. It is a software with simple user interface and grasping it is way easier due to its similarity to Adobe Programs. On tuesday, Thomas Radeke from FH Joanneum in Graz started his workshop by explaining the basics of Cinema 4D. Credits to him, he knows what he is doing, moreover he knows how to transmit his knowledge and make it stuck in students heads. Within just 3 days of workshop he taught us all the needed skills for creating our 3D models and those were surprisingly very good. We did a good job, or should I say: He did a good job? Teaching us things so precise that we actually are able to build a room so reality close is amazing. Thanks Thomas!

my Cinema 4D model

I didn't think that this could ever happen to me, but I adore working with this 3D program and my result is certainly not bad for just 3 days of study.

Cinema 4D, we will see each other again very soon!

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