International Week celebrated Demola project Adaptive Avatar Music Experience

By Erika Kim
During the international week, participants visited Demola and my Demola project team was honored to present our project there.
We explained shortly what our project was about and offered a students’ point of view on how Demola works. The internationals students and teachers were really excited about Demola and many of them asked if it’s possible to have it in their home countries. So obviously they’re doing something right!

This is Erika's team mate Rosanna Salminen introducing the project
Photo: Joanne NH Wong

We also got a lot of positive feedback about our project and more pitching experience for the Demola final pitches, not to forget free snacks and international glory:)

One of the guest lecturers of the international week, Ruth Dockwray from UK was also willing to give us private consulting about the project. Being a lecturer in popular music she really gave us a lot of new and valuable ideas how to create our project, which is about visualizing different music genres and eras.

She showed us some academic studies about genre rules and we had an exciting conversation about different signage in popular music and how they can be implemented in our project. All in all, she was just a wonderful person and we want her as our full time teacher!:)

The international week has offered us a lot, new contacts, new experiences and awesome workshops. It’s been nice to see how interested the people have been about our school, Demola and various projects within these premises. TAMK international week has definitely exceeded our expectations! Thank you!
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The client of the project is Nokia
The author is a student of TAMK Degree Programme in Media
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