Degree Show Himona Part II International Vernissage: Laughs and colours

The second part of our Fine Art Degree Show 2013 is now open at Art Centre Mältinranta. The first part opened two weeks ago at TR1 Kunsthalle.
Colour fountain by Ninni Luhtasaari (sculpture, acrylic, color, motor)
in the background  Johanna Mattila's Shivers, series of photograps
Opening speaches by graduating student Mari Ljokkoi and Senior Lecturer
Minna Suoniemi, supervisor of the show.
The graduates - solemn so far until the laughs break loose
This time not only graduates but also lecturers were awarded with
outrageously funny diplomas 
Finally relaxed - time for hugs and flowers!
Verna Tervaharju's End of the world of fear, hama bead installation
Our Fine Art Head Juha Suonpää and Lecturer Lenno Verhoog, Utrecht School
of Arts, in intense discussion about the works
Henna Laininen: The Sacrifice, video
Convenient bean bags for the visitors.
Ismo Torvinen's Do It Yourself Spectacle (computer controlled vortex cannon)
admired by Eltons Kūns, MP-Lab Liepaja University and Christian van Duuren,
Utrecht School of the Art
Marianna Piepponen's Remaining (paintings, oil on canvas) assessed
by Dr. Christopher Hales from the SmartLab, Dublin
Viika Sankila's animation Eternal from back
Brilliant art brings people together: Old friends Andris Vētra from Latvia
and Emilia Kwiatkowska from Poland met again at Himona.
On left part of Anna Haaja's Song Lesson
Most of the international guests at the Vernissage are participants of the Media Culture 2020 workshop active at our campus two weeks.

The artists exhibiting at Mältinranta Art Centre are:
Anna Haaja, Henna Laininen, Ninni Luhtasaari, Johanna Mattila, Marianna Piepponen, Viika Sankila, Veli-Pekka Suorsa, Verna Tervaharju and Ismo Torvinen.
Himona home (Bilingual Fi/En. You can download the exhibition publication)
Himona on Facebook
The graduation show Himona is shown in two separate exhibitions:

TR1 Kunsthalle April 6 - 28, 2013
Väinö Linnan aukio 13, Finlayson
Open Tue-Fri 9AM to 5PM, Sat-Sun 11AM to 6PM
Tickets 5/1€, on Fridays free admission

Art Centre Mältinranta April 20 - May 7
Kuninkaankatu 2
Open Mon-Thu 12AM to 6PM, Fri-Sun 12AM to 4PM
Free Admission

Story and pics: Cai Melakoski
Fan of TAMK Fine Art students