INTAC - 트라이얼로그/Trialogi/Trialogue

INTAC - 트라이얼로그/Trialogi/Trialogue
Photographs and videos
April 26 - May 19
Gallery Emil
Keskustori 4, Tampere
Open Mon and Fri 10-16,
Tue to Thu 10 - 18,
Sat, Sun 11-17
Free admission

Story by Niina Kiiveri & Elina Ylhäisi
INTAC is an international art collaboration project that has combined the forces of 29 art students together. The collaboration has lasted for the whole school year, and as a result, the team soon presents two conclusive exhibitions. The first one of these trialogues opens on April 26th in Gallery Emil, Tampere, and the second trialogue on May 18th in Seoul, South Korea.

The global team has worked internet-based. Ideas and materials have been exhanged through Skype, blogs and social media. The final pieces of art are mostly photographs and video pieces, and almost all the works are displayed also on the Internet.

Despite the time differences and language barriers, the artists have worked in solid companionship throughout the day, almost managing time travel. The most peculiar time dimensions took place in the groups' Skype -meetings when the participators were present simultaneously during morning, day and evening - depending on one's country.

This week some of the Canadian art students from OCAD U University arrived to Tampere to help their Finnish teammates with the construction of the first trialogue exhibition. The exhibition opens on the Friday of the International Week at 6 p.m. Welcome!


International Art Collaborations is an ongoing initiative currently involving art/photography programs at: OCAD U in Toronto, Canada, TAMK in Tampere, Finland, Chung-Ang U in Seoul, South Korea

Photos from the installation of the exhibition

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