Media Entrance Exam over!

The designers of the 90 best pre-tasks of our international media programme were invited to the annual Entrance Exam arranged yesterday and today. The selected applicants came this year from Brazil, China, Estonia, Finland, Germany, India, Latvia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Russia, USA, Venezuela and Vietnam.

Design assignment input
 The results of the exam will be announced on May 28. (It is the earliest possible day according to national regulations.)

The Entrance Exam had three parts: an interview to recognize motivation and suitability, a pitch to identify the ability to generate original ideas and promote them, and a design assignment to see if the applicants are creative.
Media students and Head of Media Programme Timo Kivikangas (right)
about to kick off the exam

The competition was again harder than ever. (This happens every year - how long can it continue?) Our lecturers are analysing the input over the next days, and all scores are been double checked.

On August 13th 30 new IMPs will start their studies in the Degree Programme of Media.

Thanks to student assistants who organised everything brilliantly, and thanks to the amazing applicants who showed us delightful energy and talent!

This year 459 applicants had Degree Programme in Media as their first choice, last year they were 225.

There were 301 Finnish and 158 international applicants from 56 countries. We got 360 pre-tasks that were complete and submitted in time. Last year there were 177 pre-tasks.

The merging of two TAMK educations - the interactive media programme run in English and the music production programme run in Finnish - into one English language programme, seems to be a success story.