International Week workshop on nonlinear collaborative movies

Björn Stockleben from Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences Germany) will give the workshop “Collaborative Creation of Database Movies” April 23 and 25.

Björn Stockleben (centre) is familiar at our campus due to his presidency
of the Nokia Ubimedia MindTrek Awards jury. Here he introduces winners
of the competition 2009, Katrina Bekessy and Frank Alsema

Database Movies replace what we call the “final cut” with a dynamic ruleset that defines the order of the scenes and sequences in constant interaction with the viewer.

By agreeing on common aesthetic and dramaturgical rules, teams can collaboratively create massive nonlinear video landscapes, inviting the viewer to explore.

In this workshop you will learn the basics of nonlinear video structures and ways to visualize them for interaction.

We will create a collaborative database video consisting of a plethora of invidual clips linked by a ruleset. The video will be authored using the Korsakow authoring tool (

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The sixth International Week of Tampere University of Applied Sciences School of Art, Music and Media
Art, Music and Media 6th International Week is an annual event this year with eleven workshops, seminars and discussions on new ideas and new creative cooperation. This year some of the main themes will be blended learning, collaborative on-line and real-life learning.
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