FinnGraf 2013

By Eeva-Kaisa Ahlamo  
FinnGraf is a trade fair for the printing companies that takes place biennially in Jyväskylä. In my first year of studies I visited the fair as a part of our print design course and since I had such a great time I decided to see if I can get there again. This year we didn’t have a group trip to FinnGraf from the school, but I went there anyway. It was, once again, a rewarding experience.

3D printed examples and a DIY printer in the background in action.

There were many different seminars and presentations of the latest technologies and innovations as well as an abundance of stalls about digital print, signs, packaging, etc. One of the most interesting parts was the seminar and information about 3D printing - a branch which will probably dominate our lives in the near future.

Mr. Dan Björklöf from Alphaform  gave a presentation about the current level, future and use of 3D printing. The field seems to be in the process of finding its form and no clear standards or market leaders have yet emerged. Mr. Björklöf also hinted that they would be in a great need to have some objective research done about the differences and methods of the varied 3D printer providers and that this might be a suitable thesis subject for some interested student.

Other seminars and subjects included (among others) 360° photography, Adobe CS 6 and analysis of the current situation of the industry. Since FinnGraf is a trade fair I went home with loads of information leaflets and several freebies, but most of all a bit more clearer view about what is printing industry and its chances in the world where digital information is roaming the streets of our global town.