Shroomy life: training in Hong Kong

By Tia Tuovinen
I have been very lucky to be able to see the world and learn so much outside of classrooms during my studies: After spending half a year up in a mountain in the middle of nowhere in Japan doing my student exchange, I moved on to one of the most densely populated places in the world, Hong Kong, to do my practical training.

I am currently doing various tasks relating to mainly marketing and the on-line content of Four Sigma Foods, which is a relatively new company based in Hong Kong. So far I have had the opportunity to interview interesting people to the FSF blog, for example.

Workshop on self-leadership in our Happy Valley office

When people ask me what I do, it is always an unbelievable pleasure to answer them “I sell medicinal mushrooms”! Not magic mushrooms, mind you, but medicinal. It’s not a gimmick: I have learned much about these nutritional powerhouses that have been used in the Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years, and believe you me, there are a myriad of studies to back up the health benefits of the different mushrooms. Shrooms are not the only thing FSF does, but it definitely gets the most attention.

After completing my training, I will hopefully do my thesis for the same company – why not, since I like the atmosphere and result oriented work philosophy so much. More important than where, how and when you do your job is that you get the job well done. This workflow leaves enough time to explore the vibrant and alive city, and its’ amazing surrounding nature.
One of my tasks was to do a photo shoot for the new product catalogue

Fortunately for all TAMK students, Four Sigma Foods is looking for a new round of trainees to start next fall. So if you are wondering where to do your practical training, how about considering the international atmosphere of bustling Hong Kong, good vibes and healthy lifestyle (you don’t need to be a marathon runner, but with these guys that definitely wouldn't hurt!) and a working community that is highly motivated in educating and making you be the best you can? More details about the trainee-ship here.

The author is a student of TAMK Degree Programme in Media
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