Our Fine Art Degree Show Himona part one now open!

"If you want to survive as a professional artist you must work passionately. Luckily the work itself is the artist’s passion." writes Mari Ljokkoi - one of our Fine Art graduates in the Himona exhibition publication.

Laura Laukkanen: Matter - site specific gelatine sculpture
Himona comes from the Finnish word himo which can be translated as passion, desire, lust, craving. The word himona also means plenty, a lot, much. In order to make art one must work like crazy and passionately.

Part one of the exhibition is now open at TR1 Kunsthalle, the second part will open after two weeks at Art Centre Mältinranta.
Two speaches first: Programme Leader Juha Suonpää and the supervisor
of the exhibition, Senior Lecturer Minna Suoniemi (speaking)
Ninni Luhtasaari (in front) spoke on the behalf of the graduates...
...then the graduates awarded each others with humorous but accurate
..and finally time to adorn the graduates with flowers and hugs!

The artists exhibiting in TR1 Kunsthalle are:
Anne Alalantela, Riikka Gröndahl, Heidi Hemmilä, Laura Impola, J. A. Juvani, Sini Sofai Kujala, Jenni Kuoppala, Laura Laukkanen, Mari Ljokkoi, Lari Mörö, Jaana Ristola, Talvikki Tenhunen, Timo Piikkilä and Elsa Trzaska.

Himona home (Bilingual Fi/En. You can download the exhibition publication)
Himona on Facebook
The graduation show Himona is shown in two separate exhibitions:

TR1 Kunsthalle April 6 - 28, 2013
Väinö Linnan aukio 13, Finlayson
Open Tue-Fri 9AM to 5PM, Sat-Sun 11AM to 6PM
Tickets 5/1€, on Fridays free admission

Art Centre Mältinranta April 20 - May 7
Kuninkaankatu 2
Open Mon-Thu 12AM to 6PM, Fri-Sun 12AM to 4PM
Free Admission
Laura Impola: Stand-by - sculpture from recycled materials
Lari Mörö: WHAT GOES AROUND - free drawing
Sini Sofai Kujala: Trap - sculpture installation

Story and pics: Cai Melakoski
Fan of TAMK Fine Art students