The superinternational week started!

The Media Culture 2020 project brought us 35 international guests a week ago and our international week will bring 40 more this week!

Don't worry about scenes like this at our school these days. It is only the
MC2020 teams preparing to pitch their concepts of future media
Joanne NH Wong and Emilija Veselova wish all International
Week visitors welcome

Media Culture 2020 is an Erasmus Intensive Programme. It will have two two week workshops, the first now at TAMK and the second in the autumn at Liepaja University in Latvia.
The project intends to illustrate what 21th century converged and interactive European Media Culture could be. MC2020 partners are Utrecht School of Arts from Netherlands, Vic University from Spain, Lincoln University from UK and Liepaja University.

You can find all details about MC2020 on the project blog.

Art, Music and Media 6th International Week is a 4-day event with workshops, seminars and discussions on new ideas and new creative cooperation. This year some of the main themes will be blended learning, collaborative online and real-life learning. TAMK Finlayson Campus invites partners and friends to this annual event!
The Internatioanl Week has been arranged every spring since 2009

You can find all the details about IW2013 on the project web site
Student Ville demonstrating with Neurosky mindwave device at IW2013
"Mind over Matter" workshop on a fun Tuesday morning!
European culture and cuisine is the crucial part of MC2020 evening programme
The Latvian night table.