New curriculum of the new media programme

There will be a new curriculum for Media students to start in August 2013. The Degree Programme in Media (Tampere, in English) and the Degree Programme in Media, Digital Sound and Commercial Music (Virrat, in Finnish) will merge for the new students to be admitted in 2013.
The new Degree Programme in Media will run in English in Tampere.

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The new curriculum will be approved by the board of Tampere University of Applied Sciences in February 2013. The essential content you can find behind the links:
The 2013 draft syllabus
The 2013 draft curriculum (headlines)
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What you learn in the Media Programme 
The students learn about current media issues exploiting two main study paths: Interactive Media and Music Production.
The main study paths are divided into sub study paths, (e.g Game design, Music business) and choosing studies across other main or sub study paths is possible. The curriculum contains also large shared parts and projects between these study paths and the other Degree Programmes of TAMK Art, Music and Media department.

The students will be able to grow as experts, developers and entrepreneurs both in Finland and abroad.
The studies aim at competences required for professions in one or more of the following areas of application: web design and services, game design, computer-generated imagery (CGI), production and content design, music production and music business, song writing, sound design, event production and cultural export.

The objective is that the graduate:

  • Is capable of creative and applicable solutions
  • Masters the articulation, working methods and technology of her/his speciality
  • Is able to act professionally in the typical communication and interaction situations of the field
  • Can design and head media productions and act as member of a team
  • Has the competence to enter both domestic and international labour markets as a professional and as an entrepreneur

The present (2012) curricula can be found here:
Degree Programme in Media
Degree Programme in Media, Digital Sound and Commercial Music

In August 30 new International Media Programme (IMP) students will start their studies at TAMK Finlayson campus.
The application period for Finnish UAS programmes run in English will kick off on January 7 2013. If you want to study interactive media or music production in Tampere, check this story!