IMP - Incredibly Magnificent Parties

The expectations got high looking at the posters attracting Media students & friends to the yearly Pikkujoulu Party:

Our International Media Programme (IMP) annual pre-Christmas party was totally different from and absolutely as fabulous as the previous. It is a mystery to me how we find these fine young people whose brilliant talent in creative media projects is challenged only by their gift in implementing most welcoming and joyous parties.
VJ:s Markku and Moon made a stunning audio visual show with Professor
Joronen and Santa Claus in main roles
Three first IMP editions sharing a sofa and a heartfelt evening

It is a rule first year students arrange the "pikkujoulut"; the traditional Finnish pre-Christmas party arranged by all organisations and communities in this far-away country on the edge of the tundra. So 12IMPs had the hard challenge of reaching the standards set by the previous IMP editions. They did it. With glance.
Yulia played a wonderful collection of the best music 

There were more participants than ever, because it is the first year IMP has all four annual editions of students in. Additionally there were numerous magnificent exchange students and not yet graduated students from the old Finnish Media programme and a record of professors.

Good food is the nitty-gritty of a successful party
Shopping team Ryoko, Bobo, Krista, Federico
Photo Joanna NH Wong
Making of Arancini - Riika and Sindy
Photo Joanna NH Wong
Yonathan the Pizza Man
Photo Joanna NH Wong
Bruschetta - Bobo and Joanna tasty...bring us more...

Eating and drinking is one of the essential components of the enterprise. A nice combination of Finnish Christmas traditions and Italian/Sicilian cuisine it was this time. Finnish traditional season's dish was represented by riisipuuro (rice porridge) and sekametelisoppa (kind of arctic tutti-frutti mess) and the Mediterranean by pizza, bruschetta and arancini. There are no options with drinks: it must always be glögi, the Finnish variation of the Nordic Mulled Wine Glögg.

Good music is the nitty-gritty of a successful party
Joanna can sing sooo lovely - and Dylan is The Accompanist for her!
And we've got The DJ:s too! Markku and Jungsoo! Good times ahead!

Demola, Daria, Josef rock...
Demola was the venue of the party

The dance floor was not sown with mines
..and the dance floor got crowded...
..and the dance floor got wild!

Extras and networking and meeting with friends are the nitty-gritty of a successful party

There was enough time for networking and discussion and sufficient time for programme to give stimuli to the jolly crowd. And this party danced - maybe more than the previous parties together, it was hilarious!
There was also the photo booth where you could be
photographed - well with ... - Yonathan
Pictured Emilija and Emilia with the birthday child
Joel was everywhere with his camera. Wonder where the pics are?
The Japan circle with Johanna, Ryoko and Anayte
Thumbs up with Sindy, Caro and Isabelle
The Grand Old IMP's Lounge
The IMP pikkujoulut query race was an important part of the fun.
Here Riikka and Noora testing their skills and fortune.
Noora won the award!
IMP extremes - 09IMPs and 12IMPs - connected. Here 12IMP
Yonathan and 09IMP Amir!

Here are the credits copied from the thanks by the party producer Joanne NH Wong: "Big thanks to the organising team specially dedicated to Bo Kyung Kim, Sindy Giraldo, Yonathan Wolowelsky, Krista Erkkilä, Iina Kuula for the great food. Joel Forsman and Žoa Pacal for photo booth, Teppo Nieminen, Federico Di Rosa, Riikka Uhmavaara for being there helping out. Kudos for Yulia Pak, DJ Markku Laskujärvi and DJ Jungsoo Moon for the wonderful music and and Elizaveta Potapkina for the snowflakes and decoration!! Lastly, thanks to those who helped cleaned up after the party. You guys are the best! *you brought peace and love to the world!*"

Story and most pics: Cai Melakoski
The author is Principal Lecturer of the Degree Programme in Media
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P.S. Just in case I forgot to mention: there was a lot of dancing at this unforgettable party, thanks 12IMPs!