Mountains, great new people and learning - Part 2

By Oona Seppänen
11IMPs, TAMK second year media students made a field trip to European Youth Award events in Graz. This is the second of the four parts of Oona Seppänen's report.

Next morning we went to see our partner school FH Joanneum and saw some of their awesome projects, for example 3d projects for cheaper option to airplane simulators and a demo about words that appear on the table to repeat speakers words.  Joanneum had quite many similar features than our school, no wonder cause they have been our partner school for a long time.

Before the trip we got a task to give feedback for Youth Award winners. Our classs had been devided in groups and all groups had memebers from Dennmark and Spain. While visiting Joanneum we met our team members from Dennmark and discussed about our presentations with a cup of coffee. 

In the evening we had a possibility to take part for design walk trough the city. We saw a lot of beautiful buildings and our guide was enthusiastic and her stories about the history of Graz were really interesting and inspiring. Graz is a Unesco’s World Heritage Site of design, lots of different styles from different centuries have remained in Graz, which makes the city a really interesting travel destination.

Lovely arrangement in front of a restaurant.

Beautiful Christmas atmosphere everywhere.

Churches were a little bit more flamboyant than in Finland.

After design walk the opening of the European Youth Award Festival started. We heard a lot of interesting and inspiring speeches about design and future of working life and about life in general.
After the speeches we had some dinner and got to know the winners of European Youth Awards.

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