Alicia did her intership in Vancouver

by Alicia Fernández

Times goes fast when you are having fun or so they say.
My name is Alicia, 11IMP and I am spending the last hours of my internship period in Vancouver writing my thoughts and conclusions about a period of almost 4 months that have changed my life from A to B. You can check my blog if you wanna find out a little bit more about it! Not that I’m the best writing on blogs but you can get the idea!

All this started a year ago, around February 2012 when I started searching for companies to apply for an exchange. I wasn’t very confident by then... after all, this is my 2nd year and I was afraid I wouldn’t be good enough for an internship or that my skills are not developed yet.

Anyway, I am one of those persons who likes to jump into the deep side of the pool and work as hard as possible, so I gave myself a try and applied for several companies I truly liked all around the world. The result was great: I got 3 interviews in Bali, Finland and Canada, but the great working conditions and my absolute ignorance of the target culture, made me accept the position in Vancouver.

The first weeks were terrible, I have to say... I wanted to go home. I was working with extremely experienced professionals in the field of web design and development and our clients were also educated in media, so the quality of any output was always high.

It makes me happy that they trusted me from the very beginning. That made me sweat and do a looooot of extra time redoing projects until getting the results I wanted but project after project they started becoming easier to do and faster until all the feedback given became positive, making me feel extremely useful and confident at my job.

About Canada, it was truly changed my life. Canadian lifestyle, the friends I’ve made there and the gorgeous nature made me reconsider my future in Finland and other values and priorities I had in mind, which is not a bad thing, it just makes me want to explore the world a little bit more and realize that cultures are not always as we imagine they would be.

I have to thank TAMK for this great opportunity, doing your exchange or internship abroad will open your eyes and more international opportunities for your future.

Alicia studies in our international Degree Programme in Media
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