Letter from Pasi Pitkänen, our student currently working for Rovio

My name is Pasi Pitkänen and I am currently finishing up my 'Digital Sound and Commercial Music' studies  at Tampere University of Applied Sciences. During the first two years I gained a lot of new skills, knowhow and experience with recording, manipulating, mixing and mastering various audio content for films, games, advertisement etc. The first two years also helped me to gain confidence and apply to study game audio abroad. I spent the whole third year studying 'Creative Sound Production' at Abertay University in Dundee, Scotland.

The third year in Scotland and especially the first two years of 'Digital Sound and Commercial Music' really made me ready to pursue a career in game audio. I currently work for Rovio Entertainment Ltd. as a Junior Sound Designer and I can happily say that I make my living by creating sound effects, Foley and music for games and other projects.

My normal day at work usually consists of recording, manipulating and mixing sound effects for projects that are in production. I have an acoustically treated recording room where I set up my microphones whenever I need to record raw audio material. The quiet recording room and the great microphones enable me to gather high quality audio material for projects. I try to make sure that each sound effect that I make has that personal touch in it but sometimes you have to go 'hybrid' and layer your own recorded sounds with sounds from commercial sound effect libraries.

The other side and maybe the most important part of my work is preparation / scheduling. Whenever I start a new project I make sure that I create and prepare all the documents that I need to successfully complete the project. This usually consists of making the audio asset list with the production team and also preparing my personal time table. By making these two important documents I know exactly what I am doing and when I am doing it. It also makes my workflow faster and a lot easier, so I can't complain.

I am currently living my dream by making audio content for games and I honestly think that I would not be here without the knowledge and practical knowhow I gained during my 'Digital Sound and Commercial Music' studies.

Text by Pasi Pitkänen, student of Digital Sound and Commercial Music at TAMK.

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