Artist 2012: Minna Suoniemi got the Palokärki Price

Our senior lecturer in fine art Minna Suoniemi is the 2012 Palokärki Award winner with her experimental piece "Little Red Riding Hood and Wolf"

The jury of the The 117th annual exhibition of the Artists' Association of Finland has selected the winner of the Palokärki price from among the 57 artists selected to exhibit in Artist 2012. The price sum is €4000.

Also four graduates of the School of Art and Media are invited to the exhibition, Hannamari Matikainen, Katri Mononen, Jukka Silokunnas and Timo Wright.

Artist 2012 exhibition
December 1 - January 6 / Kunsthalle Helsinki / Nervanderinkatu 3
Open Tue, Thu, Fri 11–18; Wed 11-20; Sat-Sun 11-17; Mon closed
Admission € 8 / € 5,5 Under 18s - no charge

About Little Red Riding Hood and Wolf
Original title / Punahilkka ja susi
Little girl dressed in black stands in the forest and howls. The slowed down sound resembles the voice of some large animal. The little red riding hood and the big bad wolf meet in the same character.
Type / experimental
Genre / body image and culture, female point of view, human relations, portrait, violence,
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Minna Suoniemi
Artist 2012 exhibition