Mountains, great new people and learning - Part 3

By Oona Seppänen
11IMPs, TAMK second year media students made a field trip to European Youth Award events in Graz. This is the third of the four parts of Oona Seppänen's report.

Friday morning it was a time to do some brainstorming.

It helps you get some more ideas if you stand with your hands, they said… also helps if you make installations from furniture, they said..

We took a little walk in the city before the European Youth Award winners presentations, again, Graz is beautiful!

Then it was time to see the presentations of European Youth Award winners. Many innovative and inspiring ideas, lots of attention catching speakers. I’m going to indroduce some of the winners, if you like to know more, please visit

First we heard about Mirabilia, project fighting against poverty, hunger and disease. Their products were interactive dolls which allow children to improve their relationships in hospitals with other users trough different behaviors and interactions.

Rooftops at dawn , a literative walk is a mobile application which brings together novel, city sightseeing and museum exhibition. The application was designed for the cause of education for all.

Power to women. Aura, a set of wearable devices for expecting couples, enabling non-verbal communication between parents and unborn child. A dress for pregnant woman and a wristband for her partner. Foetal movement is translated into a light message for the mother-to-be and a haptic one for the expecting dad.

After the presentations we tasted the famous glühwein and went up to the mountains to admire the views.

Again some beautiful Christmas lights in beautiful Graz.


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