Jolla and SIGGRAPH: TAMK Media journey to Slush

by Yonathan Wolowelsky

Slush is a two days start-up conference which was organized this year at the old Cable Factory in Helsinki. This year the Media program sent a small delegation of students and a teacher to participate in the first day of slush, which included the SyysGraph event (the Finnish SIGGRAPH autumn event) and the first glance to the new Jolla’s “Sailfish” Mobile OS User Interface.

The delegation members at the old cable house entrance

Tens of start-ups stands, hundreds of presentations, from Nokia, through HTML5 games to new recycling technologies. But what was definitely the most significant presenter for us was Jolla Mobile’s creative director and the design staff members.

HTML5 is the future, also in games

For a quite long time people around the globe are waiting to see what this small Finnish company will come up with, especially since the Jolla employees insist to keep their product’s look and features as a secret as possible. We tried to go to Jolla Mobile's stand to ask what for more information about this new mobile operating system, but all we got for an answer was free stickers, a sour Finnish face and a tagline, “It’s unlike”.
Jolla’s stand. Sour face and free stickers
Jolla’s UI presentation

Another remarkable showcase during SyysGraph was the Kinected stories, an interactive storybook for children using Kinect technology and designed by former TAMK Media student Mari Huhtanen.

Eat more cupcake!

The delegation’s members were happy with the Helsinkian hospitality at Slush, even though an violence incident almost occurred when we came to the understanding that alcoholic drinks will not be served this year.
The author is student of TAMK UAS Degree Programme in Media
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