Timo Wright's photographs in the Ikuinen Galleria

Ikuinen Gallery
April 29 - May 21
Timo Wright: "Long Sunday"
Open Mon-Fri 12-16

Finlaysoninkuja 3 Tampere

Timo Wright's exhibition is the first of Tampere Art Factory exhibitions to open. TAF will begin on May 7.
Timo Wright:
"Long Sunday is a series of photographs, which I started in 2002 and in which I photographed my own and my friends' life on the cusp of growing up, that last summer, the Sunday when can already hear the Monday of adulthood coming up the stairway. I left the series for years, it felt childish and trendy – my friends hungover, at the after-parties, on the beaches, drunk. However, I kept shooting the series in secret, even from myself.

One day I notices that the Long Sunday still wasn't over. But it had gained edges, cracks. Even though most of my friends hadn't subscribed to the infamous ”a house, a Volvo and a golden retriever” lifestyle, something had definitely happened. Children, work places, jobs. Had I changed too? Definitely! Hopefully!

Now the Long Sunday, like myself, is at a crossroads. What happens now?"

Timo Wright 
Ikuinen gallery is a contemporary art project space located in the old factory complex Finlayson in central Tampere. The gallery is run by a board of fine art students in Tampere UAS School of Art and Media as part of their study program.

Ikuinen gallery’s main focus is in presenting interesting and high quality student work, whereas work from other art school students and teachers as well as visiting artists are regularly also at show.
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