IMP Entrace Exam started, deadline for Finnish DP applications on Friday

The Entrance Exams includes an interview, a pitch of the pre-task and a design assignment one of the applicants is working with in the photo.

The Entrance Exam to School of Art and Media Degree Programme in Media (IMP) started yesterday and continues today. The application period deadline for Degree Programmes run in English was in February. Of the 172 applicants who had Media Programme as their first choice 67 were invited to the Entrance Exam and 20 of them will start their studies here in August.

The application period for our joint Masters Programme in Screenwriting with Salford University ends on May 5.

Application time for our degree programmes taught in Finnish: Bachelors Programme in Fine Arts, BA in Film and Television and MA in Media Production is finished on Friday. Learn more from the TAMK web site.