SpringGraph 2010 – Sneak Peek at Finnish New Media

Remedy Entertainment's Saku Lehtinen presenting their newest video game Alan Wake

Story: Johanna Peltola
A bunch of enthusiastic IMP students headed to Helsinki yesterday to see what's going on in computer graphics and interaction scene in Finland.

The SpringGraph 2010 -seminar also gave us a good look at the latest works of different animation companies in Finland.

Here's a brief note of the most fascinating bits in SpringGraph 2010:
Ball-It’s Blobo rides the wave of motion control games which Nintendo Wii has started. The new innovative gaming ball is now available in stores and can be connected to any device with Bluetooth. The control is based on a magnetic field and offers a full 360-degree-freedom in 3d-movement.

Keino Yhtiö is a company specialized in game AI. Currently they are working on an open source navigation library called Detour and Recast. Check out the developer's blog about prototyping & game AI.

Rightware‘s Kanzi tool is on its way from Beta-version to a full 3D-concept of an application store for mobile user interface. The developer and the artist can work together on it easily as the interface is easy to adjust.

We took a peek at the new film Iron Sky from the makers of StarWreck. The movie takes nazis to the moon and uses the latest technology in 3D-graphics.

Finland's biggest and the most famous animation company Anima Vitae is working hard on their new short film What's up.

Sick of blurry pictures of business cards? Norfello’s DocScanner does the thing for iPhone owners. The app automatically removes the distractions such as noise from the picture.
Remedy Entertainment's highly anticipated video game Alan Wake will be released in May 2010.-----

The media students in TTVO are always kept up-to-date as the University takes care of the access to the most important events and seminars in the field and actively shares information of ongoing new media competitions and happenings.

Pictures: Amir Abdi

IMP: Degree Programme in Media
TTVO: TAMK School of Art and Media