When others seem to know better what you want

Text: Joona Sarisalmi
Finding Frank is a warmhearted comedy-drama, which tells the story of 18-year-old Jussi and his journey at the brink of adulthood. Ville, Jussi's godfather, invites the youngster to his cabin, aiming to teach Jussi the way of responsibility and self-confidence. Against his will Jussi ends up in a situation where the modern-day temptations and fears gang up on him in the streets of a small town. On his journey Jussi realizes his fears and finds the courage to stand up against himself and his opponents.

Finding Frank is the final thesis work of media students from the School of Art and Media in Tampere University of Applied Sciences. The film was written and directed by Joona Sarisalmi, shot by Markus Tynskä, lit by Jukka Hautajärvi, edited by Joonas Halkola with sound design by Pauliina Saarman. The film was produced by Essi Silvennoinen with Anna-Maija Salmi as the production manager.

The main role is played by Jose Viitala, Ville the godfather by Jyrkki Mänttäri and in other roles we see Matti Onnismaa, Minka Kuustonen, Juha Kulmala, Arto Palojärvi, Hiski Grönstrand, Pekka Hautala and J.O. Manninen.

Finding Frank was filmed between June and July in 2009 in Sastamala. The movie premiered on 23 January 2010.

Photo: Jaakko Tyhtilä
Finding Frank and other film student graduate works are on show at Tampere Art Factory festival. The films are on view in Finlayson's Vooninkisali on 7 May 1pm-7pm and on 8-9 May 11am-6pm.|||