Feel like everything doesn't always go as you planned?

Text: Anna-Maija Salmi
Welcome to the worst day in Kalle's life. The twenty-something Kalle just wants to play heavy-metal and go hunting with his friend, Niilo. These mundane dreams are forestalled by the family heirloom shotgun and Ylermö, the boy next door, who will stop at nothing to play in Kalle's band some day.

Kalle's planned perfect day is ruined by unexpected turns in surprising forms, and Kalle must decide what is most important to him.

Gunbag is a graduate short film from the School of Art and Media in Tampere University of Applied Sciences. It was written by Jukka Hautajärvi and Tommi Hietaniemi. The film was directed by Jukka Hautajärvi, shot by Jukka Moisio, lit by Nalle Mielonen and edited by Tommi Hietaniemi. The sound design was made by Veera Niemi. The film was produced by Anna-Maija Salmi.

The film was shot between September and October in 2009 both in Tampere and Ruovesi.

In the film Kalle is played by Lari Kananen. The role of Kalle's best friend, Niilo, is interpreted by Pekka Hautala. Heavyboor Ylermö is given life by Juha-Petteri Kulmala, and the role of Kalle's level-headed father, Pentti, is filled by Vesa Wallgren.

The film was shown for the first time at the Tampere Film Festival in the TAMK New Films Special Screening, where it served as the opening piece. The film was warmly received by the audience.

Photo: Ville Salminen
You can see Gunbag at Tampere Art Factory 7-9 May|||