TV1 airs gold-themed short story this Thursday

The Downside of Gold airs this Thursday (April 29) on TV1

Story: Niko Nurmi
Throughout the spring the Finnish Broadcasting Company (Yle)has aired several current affairs stories by students in the Film and Television programme of TAMK.
They have appeared on Kuningaskuluttaja – an informative television show with a focus on consumer issues. All the aired stories were made in a course on
factual television production. Yle has already aired pieces on the book publishing industry, communal living and gender-based pricing.

On this spring’s last Kuningaskuluttaja the student's story will delve deep into the murkier aspects of the gold industry: environmental hazards and human rights issues. The story will also present ecological
alternatives to gold. The remaining TV stories by TAMK students will be aired next fall when Kuningaskuluttaja returns from its summer break.

Kuningaskuluttaja airs this Thursday (April 29) on Yle TV1 at 7:30 PM.