Swallow Your Fears - Animation by Laura Rytkönen

Story: Laura Rytkönen
A young woman plays a game with Fear and ends up being swallowed by it.

The Fear becomes a second skin for the girl. She walks through a city with panic and paranoia. In every human encounter there’s a possibility for redemption, immobility is the end.

Swallow Your Fears is a mixed media animation by a second year art student Laura Rytkönen. The animation associatively ponders upon social fears that are often formless, without a clear object, vaguely targeting anyone and everyone who might be around. Through fear we are marketed to buy protection from thieves, accidents and old age. Maybe someday we can also buy safety from our own fears.

Swallow Your Fears has been screened in Kinos10 festival in Lahti, critical video art screening as a part of Elävän kirjallisuuden festarit (EKF) in the Finnish Labour Museum Werstas and in a group exhibition Lyhyt videokirjasto in Gallery Emil in Tampere.

Swallow your fears will be shown at Tampere Art Factory