TAMK's Battle Royale

Story: Anna Tikkanen
So far we've had the students of IMP (international/interactive media program), TIKO (computer science), VISU (visual design) and VUORSU (interactive media) take action in this massive battle of TAMK's domination.

Yes, I'm talking about the up-coming, free Megazone game night!

I have reserved a 50-minute Megazone session for 26th of April, 2010. The game starts at 6pm sharp, but it is required for everyone to be there no later than 5.45pm! There's space for 27, but only 17 have confirmed their spot. That means we're still looking for 10 more! So... Do you feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk? If yes, just show up to Megazone at 5.30pm, and one of the spots might be yours!

Now why would I care to organize such an event?

Well, it's a lot of fun! What better way to network with the fellow students of other study programs than a friendly game of laser tag? When I asked each one attending the event to give their opinions and thoughts, many responded with a desire to bring back remote childhood memories. Some also thought that students engaging in such activites become more laid back and open, making everyone see them from a completely different perspective. And last but not least, these games encourage teamwork, mutual development and competition all at once.

All-in-all a great activity for a great bunch of students!

See you there! :)

The author is  Degree Programme in Media student

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Photos: Megazone