Festival-Y: Young art and urban culture

August 11-19
Näsilinna Palace (Milavida)
300m North-West from Finlayson

Näsilinna alias Milavida will again become alive for nine days

The festival offers nine days full of charming experiences and easy summer chillout in Neo-baroque palace of Näsilinna and in Näsinpuisto park. The festival gives also a unique opportunity to visit Näsilinna (Originally Milavida, Karl August Wrede 1898) because the building has been closed since 1998.

Festival-Y is urban festival combining different art forms. The festival presents the art and culture of generation-Y, including music, lightshow, poetry evening, panel discussion, busking competition and many other events.
The art exhibition Y: Sukupolvikertomuksia (Generation stories) is open all days 12 A.M. to 6 P.M.

Generation-Y is the term for people of the digital era, those who are born between early 1980's and middle 1990's. This generation is referred as “net generation”, and its typical features are free values, the demand for flexibility of work life, and constant presence of technology and media in life. Also the unemployment, depression, and indisposition of young people are mentioned when generation-Y is referred to. At the same time, the funds for young people are cut down, and youth culture, which is seen irrelevant in terms of capital production, is ignored as an investment.
What is the culture of generation-Y, and where it can be seen?

Many TAMK students are actively involved in arranging the festival.

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About Milavida (Näsilinna)
The palace was build by Peter von Nottbeck - son of Finlayson owner Wilhelm von Nottbeck - in 1898 for his family, but they never moved in. Peter von Nottbecks wife died in October 1898 in Baden-Baden while givin birth to the twins of the couple. Peter died one year later in Paris. Milawida was sold to the city of Tampere in 1905. The city renamed the building Näsilinna opened the the Museum of Tavastia in 1908.
During the Finnish Civil War 1918 Näsilinna was headquarters of the Reds and suffered from serious damages.
The city of Tampere closed the building in 1998 due to shortage of funds.