Guinness World Record failure (but next time...)

Words and photos: Yonathan Wolowelsky and Riikka Uhmavaara

Sir Hugh Beaver first published the Guinness World Records Book in 1955, since then, many weird accomplishments have been achieved. One of them is the “Largest gathering of people dressed as video games characters”, a record we tried to break last Sunday at the Särkänniemi Adventure Park in Tampere.
12 IMPs with the original ikea bag

The Finnish attempt was deemed as a failure, when only 30 more video games characters was needed to complete the mission, and so far the Guinness world record of 425 people dressed as video games characters still belongs to the United States.
Joanne and Yonathan with the final product

Considering it was a cold and rainy day at Tampere, a lot of people made an effort to take part in the event. People of all ages gathered together for a fun afternoon, even though some of the participants were hardly old enough to even know how to walk, let alone play video games!
After all we didn’t win, but we learned how we can leash our creativity on a 60-cents-ikea-bag, and probably have been witnesses to the largest gathering of people with Angry Birds costumes.
Riikka and Minna at the final counting

Try again next year.

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