Welcome - 28 Exchange Students are here!

13 of our Exchange students were by our main entrance at same time! 
Some of them were attending course on Design Management
or others were around town arranging their practical things..

The academic year at Finlayson has started! On Wednesday our new exchange students arrived! All together 28 students from 15 countries - their home universities are in Belgium, 
Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom and USA.

On Wednesday the exchange students met lecturers from Degree in Media and got information about courses and schedules. Thursday morning they made a tour around the building, including the introduction to AV-kiosk and it's facilities by Mika, Petri and Mikko. On Thursday afternoon all (or almost all) questions about Learning Agreements were under discussion..

And not only information about courses and practices at school, the exchange students also got important info about events and cultural activities in our town. Jonna, the president of TARINA, our student's organization, also reminded them about Naamat (Faces), party that will happen in September!