Survival superpowers shown on Security Day

Story: Josef Pacal
And so here we go again. With a fresh new year we have a fresh new... Security Day. This time they've been testing the survival superpowers of us new 12IMPs.

Starting the day with an easy task - how to load and drive a truck without killing anyone talk - was a great idea, as some of us were still waiting yet to wake up. That turned out not being any problem eventually, given lengthier breaks, where some took the additional rest they needed to prepare for the next and more heroic tasks.

In the following session we have learned what to do if we didn't pay attention before and eventually crashed the van in some terrible fashion. We were taught how to handle cuts and bleedings, bee stung allergics and fainted asthmatics. I have to give the IMPs the credit for playing their parts very convincingly!

After some more intellectual revitalization in our café, we slipped downstairs yet again for shockingly terrifying presentation about electricity and rigging. Our Tarina representatives and AV-kioski team did a great job getting us aware of the hazards of playing stupid around our media toys.

And finally we headed to do some fire-killing! For some reason few of our classmates were very excited to test out how to handle fire the right way.

Some presented us real supernatural powers, when they bursted toward the fire with an extinquisher or took it down altogether in under one second, props to Yonathan Wolowelsky and Teppo Nieminen. Girls have shown us, that they are not afraid to get burning hot either and did and awesome job fighting off the scary natural powers.

After the exhausting day of imagination being stuffed with all the terrifying events that could possibly happen, I am pretty sure all the 12IMPs will be safe even during zombiecalypse. Nice job, everyone!

Photos: Joel Forsman
The authors are students of Degree Programme in Media
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