Ieva Šuste is the IMP mölkky champion 2012

The first orientation week of our Media students, the IMPs, is traditionally rounded up on a beautiful Friday afternoon in the Finlayson Palace park right behind our school finding out who is the Mölkky Champion this year. This time victory went to Latvia, Ieva Šuste is the Champ.

Mölkky is a popular Finnish throwing game.

The winner Ieva Šuste in front with Mölkky pin 1 in her hand and foot on the
Mölkky box. All together 24 new students, tutors and lecturers took part in the

Different styles to throw the Mölkky:
Bo Kyung





IMP Mölkky Open Championship Hall of Eternal Fame

2009: Amir Abdi (Iran)
2010: Anna Tikkanen (Finland)
2011: Suvi Hokkanen (Finland)
2012: Ieva Šuste (Latvia)
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