Volunteering is awesome!

Zombies at Gamescom!
Story & Photos: Emma Kiiski
Some time ago I had a chance to apply as a volunteer in one of the biggest game professionals’ conference in Europe: Game Developers Conference Europe in Cologne, Germany. The fact that I’m a student pretty much makes me choose carefully where I want to spend my money on. GDC Europe is expensive but it’s really useful for everyone wanting to get to the games industry. Guess what; as a volunteer you pay only for your flights and the accommodation! I’m really grateful to TAMK for sponsoring a part of my trip!

So. I applied. And what happened?

I had the most awesome summer event ever!

The other volunteers were great! All of us share the common interest to the games industry so it was just the right company for me. They were all nice people and I really enjoyed meeting all of them!

I also met many new people from the games industry. There were quite many Finns, developers from Housemarque and Rovio for example. It was a great chance to meet the right people to connect with. Networking is a crucial part of GDC Europe; there are parties every evening during the event. You just have to find the best ones to attend to!

The sessions were full of useful information for game developers. You can choose what you want to see and hear. They had a wide range of presentations from for example design, art, programming and business from the top professionals in the industry.
After GDC Europe there was also Gamescom, the world’s biggest trade fair for games and entertainment. It’s something what you want to see if you have the slightest interest in games.

I strongly recommend volunteering in GDC Europe! And why not other interesting conferences and events. That’s where you meet network, get great experiences and have fun!