Festival Y last weekend: WTF

The last weekend of the festival features WTF - Welcome to Finland - a collection of the essential short films from Finland of 21st century so far.
The WTF screening is produced by Festival-Y, Futureshorts and Helsinki
Short Film Festival

Festival Y shows the art and culture of generation-Y, including music, lightshow, poetry evening, panel discussion, busking competition and many other events. The festival, arranged in Milavida (Näsilinna) Palace close to Finlayson, started one week ago and runs until Sunday.

The weekend programme:

Friday 17.08.
12:00-17:30 Buskers Competition. Free entry.
18:00-22:00 Band Night. Free entry.
Performers: Raivoraittius, Shakin’ Legs, Katekismus and Vapaa Maa

Saturday 18.08.
12:00-18:00 Day Screenings: Documents and video art. Free entry.
19:00-21:30 Future Shorts and Helsinki Short Film Festival present: WTF – Welcome to Finland. Duration about 1h 15 minutes. Free entry.

Sunday 19.08.
12:00-22:00 Y-Festival Closing Party!
Performers: Poutatorvi, Joose Keskitalo, N4EB, Janne Perttula, Petokangas and dj’s Joe Loud, Verneri and Nipa Kikka. Sunday is also the Restaurant Day and you may find “pirate cooks” in Näsi Park area! Free entry.

The art exhibition Y: Sukupolvikertomuksia (Generation stories) is open all days 12 A.M. to 6 P.M.

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