Searching for a safe state - video installation by Laura Rytkönen in Ikuinen Gallery

Open 3.-13.4.
mon-wed 10am-4pm
thu-fri 10am-6pm
Finlaysoninkuja 3

A woman is standing in darkness. Around her there are only few objects suggesting a space. She controls her environment through gaze and restricting actions, as movement continuously challenges her reign of stillness.
Searching for a safe state is a two-channeled video installation that studies the relationship of restrictive actions and the feeling of being safe. The installation ponders on a situation where a person is trying to achieve a state of safety by controlling their self and their environment. At it’s worst control is a stale force afraid of change.
Laura Rytkönen is a graduating visual artist from Tampere University of Applied Sciences, School of Art, Music and Media. In her works she has addressed the tensions of social situations for few years now. Her works have been shown in Young Artist 2011 exhibition in Kunsthalle Helsinki, in Tampere Film Festivals national competition 2011 and in European Media Art Festival, Osnabrück Germany.


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Ikuinen Gallery is a contemporary art project space located in the old factory complex Finlayson in central Tampere. The gallery is run by a board of fine art students in Tampere UAS School of Art and Media as part of their study program.
Ikuinen gallery’s main focus is in presenting interesting and high quality student work, whereas work from other art school students and teachers as well as visiting artists are regularly also at show.