Le Dernier Cri workshop!

Story: Anne Alalantela
After easter we began the inspirational Le Dernier Cri workshop in a relaxed atmosphere with Pakito Bolino and Marie-Pierre Brunel.

Students of Tamk and artists already working in the field are participating in the workshop. Old drawings and sketchbooks have been dug out, from which new art is created in the spirit of Le Dernier Cri - using exaggerations, absurd uncompromised bursts and  fast tempo. The works are printed with serigraphy into artist books  and some of the graphics will be exhibited in Gallery Rajatila.

We as art students are used to the late hours of working with the support of lots of coffee and enthusiasm – overcoming the challenges  in communication and technical difficulties. At the end of the day it was rewarding to see how the content of the sketchbooks came alive with this new method.

Le Dernier Cri is an artist collective and publishing house situated in Marseilles. It´s expression could best be described with the French term Art Brut. Le Dernier Cri publishes works of dozens of artists and holds approximately twenty exhibitions a year all over the world.

The French artist Pakito Bolino and Caroline Sury founded the Le Dernier Cri in 1990 in Paris.

Photos: Veli-Pekka Suorsa
See more photos by Veli-Pekka from the workshop

Dernier Cri – Mania
Serigraphy, artist books and animations
In Gallery Rajatila
Tampere 14. – 30.4.2012
Le Dernier Cri – Mania exhibition on Facebook |||