Fine art on electricity distribution cabinets

When it is a sunny day like today you go rather to an outdoor than indoor art exhibition. There are always a lot of sculptures you can admire but in Tampere we have also a wonderful exhibition of images and photographs attached on the electricity distribution cabinets. The exhibition arranged by Tampere Museum of Contemporary Art is between the railway station and Hämeenpuisto. The exhibition runs until September and is open 24/7! No admission fee!

"In grand ma's shoes", Tessa Ojala 2011
"Before the fall", Marja-Liisa Torniainen 2010-2011

"Burning sky", Janne Laine 2011

"Hatakambari", Harri Rauhaniemi 2010

"Eila", Johanna Havimäki, from sculpture series Palautus 2009
"The Raven", Hannamari Matikainen 2011

Out of the 19 artists participating in the exhibition 11 are alumni of TAMK Degree Programme in Fine Art; Anne Lehtelä, Hannamari Matikainen, Johanna Havimäki, Harri Rauhaniemi, Jaakko Himanen, Janne Laine, Marja-Liisa Torniainen, Vera Arjoma, Kristian Tuomainen, Sanna Kauppinen and Tuula Alajoki, two artists, Tessa Ojala and Kristiina Sario, have graduated from our Specialization Studies on Photography.
History on electricity distribution boxes. Hämeenpuisto.

There is also another exhibition on distribution cabinets in the city centre, historical photographs from the areas where the cabinets are now.

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