ERO Exhibition's pre audit in Art Navigation 21.-22.4.!

Tampere University of Applied Sciences graduating visual arts students' final exhibition ERO's -pre audit can be seen in the Pirkanmaa 8th Art Navigation. Meet the graduating artists at the exciting moment and see their final works just before they are finished!
You’ll find ERO-pre audit at Finlaysoninkuja 3 (entrance through Ikuinen Gallery). ERO-signs lead the navigators upstairs to 3rd floor, TAMK fine art facilities, where students demo their final works. We offer art, coffee, and a free exhibition publication, brand new art journal ERO. 
Open Sat and Sun 11-17, free entrance.

Tampere University Of Applied Sciences graduating Final Arts students' graduation exhibition.
Art Center Mältinranta 5.-22.5.2012
TR1 Kunsthalle  12.5.-3.6. 2012

ERO pre audit continues the series of side events of  Fine Arts final exhibitions, that was initiated by the ERO Art Cafe at Restaurant day 4.2.2012.
Side events will continue after exhibitions open in Art Centre Mältinranta and TR1 Kunsthalle:
12.5. at 18-24 Night of the Museums: live music and ERO-party at the exhibitions.
14.-16.5. Public diploma seminars.
19.5. Restaurant day: pop up restaurants Muffinheaven and Tapasunderwoold at the exhibition spaces.