DobleCLICK! 3rd edition (part 2)

Location of campuses and UVic centres
Story & Photos: Sabrina Seidl and Alexandra Ostasheva
„Lying halfway between the sea and the Pyrenees and sixty kilometers from Barcelona, Vic is the demographic, administrative and service centre for an area with 150.000 inhabitants. It's rich history, visible in the streets and squares of the old quarter, forms the backdrop to the dynamism of a modern diverse city.“, a quote from University of VIC.

At the end of march, Sohvi Sirkesalo accompanied by six students from Media and Film&TV, were invited to participate the 3rd edition of dobleCLICK! Festival in Vic, Spain.
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Hands-on-workshop by dutch students. Photo by Lenno Verhoog.

The workshops lasted over two days, engaged the audience through its emotional focus, it taught new view points in the area of design and let us express our own experience in hands-on-workshops.
TAMK was represented with 3 workshops (see ):
   -  “How to survive your 1st commercial” by Sabrina Seidl and Alexandra Ostasheva
   -  “How can you make an absurd idea come to life?” by Mikko Helmanen
   -  “How to create & execute a project with TV Channel” by Joanna Mäkelä, Tommi Jokinen and Joel Kinnunen
University of VIC showed their knowledge in five workshops and Utrecht School of Arts enhanced our creative thinking with three workshops.

The University of VIC is not only a fantastic place to go for a short festival, but would also be a good option for exchange. The lecturers and students are very helpful and positive minded, the surroundings are amazing and the university itself is totally modern and well equipped.

We all enjoyed our stay in Vic and luckily also got the chance to visit Barcelona for two days. Unfortunately during one day of our Barcelona visit, there was a general strike going on, which put Barcelona into a quite bad light. However, we escaped the riots and got to enjoy the beauty of Barcelona.

Barcelona - Sagrada Familia

Big thanks to Silvia Acedo, Ana Palomo, Cristina Perales, Rosa Pons and Xavier Roura for the fantastic organisation and great support throughout the entire festival. Your made our visit highly interesting and educative.

However, the biggest thanks goes to TAMK and Sohvi Sirkesalo for giving us the opportunity to go there.
Thanks to UVIC and TAMK!

UVIC – Universitat de Vic - Obre't les portes al món!