FMX 2012 - and TAMK will be there!

FMX 2012 Logo
Story: Sabrina Seidl and Alexandra Ostasheva
Less than 2 weeks remaining before FMX 2012 in Stuttgart, Germany, takes place. The program is online and looks promising.

This year, Alexandra Ostasheva and Sabrina Seidl will be representing the TAMK Media Program at the 17th Conference on Animation, Effects, Games and Transmedia. The preparation work for both students has been tense, collecting lots of student works, compiling them into a great looking and modern showreel, organising the entire conference presence, designing flyers and writing a stunning speech.
The outcome of the brand new showreel includes fantastic student works, done by our Media students and is decorated with high quality visual effects. However, convince yourself about the quality of the video, which will be published soon.
Check the showreel out yourself and tell us your opinion, it's just a few more days till it will be published. We will inform you!

But now more about the FMX itself. To summarise it in a few words, "It is an amazing event", but in more detail...

FMX is the leading European conference on Animation, Effects, Games and Transmedia and has grown to become one of the most important international conferences in the industry during the past few years.
Artists, specialists, scientists, producers and other key people from all over the world present new projects, developments and opportunities in the Conference, at the Marketplace, in Workshops and Company Suites, in the Recruiting or Education section, the Screenings or Events.
FMX 2011 - presentation

The list of guests is impressive, Oscar winner Rob Legato gives a workshop of the Visual Effects (VFX) creation of Hugo. Jay Redd, Visual Effects Supervisor at Sony Picture Imageworks, offers an exclusive look behind the scenes of the upcoming science fiction comedy, Men in Black III, the first Men in Black movie to be released in 3D. Also Supervising Animator Nick Bruno and Lead Animator Jeff Gabor, who won the Annie Award for "Best Character Animation" for RIO will give valuable insight into the process of animating the most beloved extinct animals of Ice Age 4.

Further, the Visual Effects (VFX) seminars and workshops will focus on films like Sherlock Holms: A Game of Shaddows, Red Tails, Madagascar 3, presented by top FX and animation houses like Picar, Blue Sky Studios, Pixomondo etc.
FMX 2011

The program is amazing and most likely won't let us rest even for a second. If we are not presenting on stage or in our TAMK booth, we will be networking or participating in different workshops and presentations about the developments and trends of the Computer Graphics (CG) industry.