KevätGraph 2012

Story: Sabrina Seidl, Alexandra Ostasheva
And soon it is time again: KevätGraph in Helsinki, this edition with a high participation of TAMK Media Students.

Foretaste of the brand new TAMK Media showreel.

KevätGraph is a seminar organized by ACM SIGGRAPH Helsinki twice a year (SyysGraph is the other one :) ). The idea is to give a broad overview of what is going on in the current Finnish graphics and interaction scene. The audience is quite heterogeneous: students, academic researchers, people from the games industry, graphics professionals and artists. The tone of the seminar is quite "populistic", giving a rough idea of what's up in the local scene and get people excited about it -- rather than getting super deep into technical details.

This years KevätGraph is held on 4th of may at Aalto Venture Garage, Espoo, and the schedule looks promising. TAMK is also present with two speakers from the Media program, Alexandra Ostasheva and Sabrina Seidl, who are going to present the brand new TAMK showreel and some other interesting facts, that make the Media Program so interesting and well known all around.
If you have a couple of hours free time on Friday the 4th, check out the seminar and learn more about the latest updates of the 3D graphics field, demos, animations and new interactive technologies.

The program is the following:

SESSION 1 (13:00-)

1307-1310 ACM SIGGRAPH Helsinki: Ville Miettinen "Introduction"
1310-1320 Vire Labs: Joonas Torkkeli
1320-1330 Uplause: Veli-Pekka Marin
1330-1340 Thinglink: Ulla Engeström "Why images matter?"
1340-1350 Mountain Sheep: Jouni Mannonen
1350-1400 Ovelin: Christoph Thür "How to hypnotize a crocodile with a guitar"
1400-1410 TAMK: Alexandra Ostasheva & Sabrina Seidl "TAMK - design your future"

SESSION 2 (15:10-)

1510-1520 Supercell: Mikko Kodisoja
1520-1540 NVIDIA Research: Jaakko Lehtinen "Reconstructing the Indirect Light Field for Global Illumination (to be presented at SIGGRAPH 2012)"
1540-1550 Senseg: Ville Mäkinen: "UI Revolution: From Poke Screen to Feelscreen"
1550-1600 Fluid Interaction: Kalle Määttä: "Empowering the human super-computer"

1600-1610 Finnish Institution for Occupational Health: Teppo Valtonen
1610-1620 TBWA\Helsinki: Juha Huhta
1620-1700 CCP Games: Thor Gunnarsson

You still have the chance to come along, check out the facebook page for more information.